Kit Hire & Air Fills

Full Kit Hire


Full Kit Hire* (1 x 12L cylinder):             £35

Full Kit Hire* (2 x 12L cylinder):             £55

* excludes torch and smb/reel.


Items Hired Separately:


Regs                                                                     £6.50

BCD                                                                      £5.00

Suit, Hood and Boots                                     £12.50

Fins                                                                      £2.00

Gloves                                                                 £2.00

Mask and Snorkel                                            £2.00

Weightbelt and Lead                                      £2.50

Weight Harness and Lead                             £4.00

Lead Shot Pouches                                          £4.00

Torch                                                                    £5.00

SMB and Reel                                                     £5.00


Tank Hire:


1 x 10L Cylinder:                                               £8.00

2 x 10L Cylinders:                                             £14 (SAVE £2)


1 x 12L Cylinder:                                               £10.00

2 x 12L Cylinders:                                             £18 (SAVE £2)


1 x 15L Cylinder:                                               £12.00

2 x 15L Cylinders:                                             £22 (SAVE £2)


Instructor / Guide*:


1 Dive:                                                                  £40

2 Dives:                                                                £75

* subject to availability and location.


232 Bar Air Fills:                          £10.00

Small Print:


  • All kit hired out is to be returned the same day.

  • No kit or equipment will be hired without a valid diving certification card and proof of current dive experience (log book).

  • No cylinders will be filled without a valid diving certification card and proof of current dive experience (log book).

  • Do not dive alone.

  • Cylinder must be in test or will not be filled.

  • If there are any visual defects on a cylinder, we reserve the right to refuse to fill the cylinder.

  • If for any reason Red Duck Diving believes or suspects a person to be under the influence of drugs and alcohol, kit hire and air fills will be refused.

  • Red Duck Diving reserves the right to refuse to fill cylinders on the issue of safety.

  • Air fills are standard 21% oxygen, filled to British Standard.