PADI Discover Local Diving / Guided Diving

from £95. Duration: Approx. 3 hours.

You may remember your PADI Instructor saying, “If you travel to a new location or visit an unfamiliar dive environment, get a local orientation.” Its good advice and easy to do. Just ask your Red Duck Instructor for a Discover Local Diving experience. Scuba diving with an experienced local dive professional lets you relax and better enjoy the adventure.


Any certified diver who wants to dive in a new area or environment.

For example, if all your diving has been in warm water on coral reefs and you travel to an area with cooler water and kelp forests, Discover Local Diving is for you.

Or, if the majority of your experience is from dive boats, and you have the chance to do a shore dive with an entry through mild surf, sign up for a Discover Local Diving experience.

What will you learn? Your experienced PADI Pro will brief you on the dive site conditions, hazards and points of interest, plus describe the aquatic life you’ll see and how to interact responsibly with local creatures. If there are special procedures or techniques used locally, your dive professional will show you what to do to make your scuba dive fun and hassle free.

If you feel like you need a refresher before the dive, ask about doing a Scuba Review.


What’s Included? Red Duck will provide all the scuba equipment you’ll be using including a mask, snorkel, fins, regulator, buoyancy control device, dive gauges and a tank. If you are diving in the sea, an 8mm semi-dry suit will be provided to maximise your enjoyment and comfort. 

You will need to bring your swimming costume/shorts, a towel and warm clothes for after. Red Duck will provide you with a hot drink and a snack post sea dive at no extra cost.


How Do I Book? Book your adventure today by calling Red Duck Diving on 07927 400 723 or email us.

You need complete a medical statement form and PADI liability release form. Drop Red Duck an email and these will be sent electronically to you. If you answer yes on the medical statement, you will need to see a doctor to ensure you are fit to dive.


What’s Next? Once you have completed your Discover Local Diving session you’ll want to continue your exploration of the local area, why not combine it with a PADI Specialty course and sign up within a month of certification to receive a discount on a PADI Specialty course when you complete a Discover Local Diving session with Red Duck Diving.