PADI Full Face Mask Diver

Full Course: £225 / 1 cf dive & 2 dives / 2 days

Full Face Mask Try Dive: £125 / 1 dive

Course Goals:


The aim of the full face mask diver course is to qualify and certify you to set up, plan and make dives with a full face mask within your present certification and experience limit.

What will you learn?


This course will focus on enjoying full face mask diving by learning accepted safety practises, potential hazards, problems, techniques and skills in a controlled, supervised environment.

To achieve this, there are several goals: The first is to develop the diver's knowledge of the full face mask, it's features and benefits, correct fit and adjustment, correct installation of the regulator (if applicable), as well as care and maintenance.

The second goal is to develop the diver's mastery of the full face mask diving skills.

The third goal is to enable to diver to plan, organise and use a full face mask as trained.

The PADI Full Face Diver course is primarily a motor skills course. An informal but thorough presentation from your instructor will prepare you to develop and practise those skills, you will complete a Full Face Mask Diver Knowledge Review to ensure accurate and adequate knowledge is attained. The presentation will include Introduction; benefits of diving with a full face mask; components of a full face mask; diving with a full face mask; problems and solutions and maintenance.

During open water dives, you must perform all skills - procedures and motor skills - in a reasonably comfortable, fluid, repeatable manner.

What gear will I use:


You will use standard recreational dive kit plus a full face mask and, with certain kit configurations: an additional cylinder and communications to surface and in-water instructor.


PADI Rescue Diver and minimum age 15.

* Full face mask fit can be an issue on smaller faces.


Next Step


To book your Full Face Diver course or try dive call or text 07927 400 723; email or find us on Facebook